Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Move in the Right Direction

Packing pulls at my heartstrings but it’s also a time to reminisce and dream.  While I wrapped my colorful vases, books, and knickknacks in newspaper and taped the boxes shut, I thought back to where I’ve been.   I’ve already lived in 18 homes…some near, some far, and some repeats but they were all filled with love and provided for an interesting backdrop to my life story.  I have a love hate relationship with moving.  In many ways, I’m grateful for the change in scenery and the experiences I’ve had because of those moves.  Growing up I had friends everywhere, and I was lucky enough that my mom let me visit them on weekends and breaks.  I had a worldly view of life at a young age and that’s stuck with me as I’ve gotten older even though I haven’t had much opportunity to see the world.  The opposite side of the coin is that I’d been happy where I was when it was time to go and filled with sadness at leaving what I thought I’d finally found. 

My upcoming change of scenery is going to be the hardest yet most fulfilling one thus far.  I’m leaving an area I love and that was filled with so much hope.  I’ve spent years making friends, learning the back roads, and taking advantage of all the wonderful experiences to be had.  Caramia and I have spent countless days walking the trails of the arboretum and perusing the little shops in the beautiful downtown area.  We’ve fed the ducks along the Riverwalk and had picnics at Cantigny too many times to count.  I spent most of my pregnancy and maternity leave walking the trails surrounding my house while talking to my sweet baby girl about life.  So much of who I am today has been influenced by my surroundings and in a few weeks, it might be too hard to ever return.  I’ll be busy making a new life for us in a new town where we’ll be encircled by the people who love us the most.  Our daily routine will still be the same…wake, breakfast, daycare, work, daycare, home, walk, play, dinner, bath, bedtime but nothing will be as it once was. 

This next phase will bring me peace, love, and happiness.  Sounds like a Christmas card greeting but its true.  It’s time to close the door on what wasn’t good in my life and focus on the best pieces of my life…my beautiful daughter, my wonderful family, myself, and an exciting future that I can’t wait to discover.  There is always room to grow and when we stop growing, we stop living.  I look forward to growing out of the weeds and blossoming in the spring sunshine.  Okay that was totally corny but a little corny in life is good! 

CC is having mixed emotions about moving too! 

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  1. you could not have said it any better Tiff. I know this is difficult for you but the future is bright. you have a precious daughter and a wonderful to family to support you. Wish I was there to give you hugs and help you. you and Caramia have so many great things in store. I love you!!!